His Mosaic


His Mosaic Ministries provides equipping seminars and classes for understanding Dissociation and healing.


Short Session Equipping - Offered in 2 formats:

- Annual equipping each Spring in a 2 weekend format of two Saturdays in a row of receiving and doing the ministry format.


- The other is an eight week class each semester for 2 hours, one night a week.


In both formats students receive teaching, observe ministry and then "do" the ministry. Both formats equip the student to minister in this healing format. Students are paired in same-sex teams for the ministry portion.

There is a cost involved for both formats.

$150 for both formats


For more information contact His Mosaic on our Contact Page.


Click HERE to read about real peoples' experiences in Going to the Core equipping classes.

Click HERE to see upcoming equipping events 


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Contact Information

To Contact His Mosaic Ministries
  • Tel: (910) 578-5442
  • Email: Laurie@hismosaic.com
  • Website: www.hismosaic.com

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    Laurie Morris is based in Kansas City and travels extensively
    to Christians in churches accross the U.S. and abroad.
    Ministry sessions are available on Skype.