For over 25 years Laurie has been connecting people to God for emotional and spiritual healing in a part-time, supportive pastoral role. For 12 years she's worked with people full-time. She sees people  for spiritual coaching in a variety of areas. Her area of greatest experience,  is sexual trauma, but she works in many areas including, marriage relationships, trauma coping mechanisms, and depression. 

Laurie is an ordained minister. She graduated from Christ for the Nations in Dallas with an Associates degree in theology and has been trained in a  variety of counseling models, including Elijah House, the Immanuel Process and Sozo.  She was a trainer for several years for Restoring the Foundations. While living in Fayetteville, North Carolina, she founded and led HEAL, a prayer/counseling ministry at Manna Church, using the RTF format.

She is  a certified Masters level Splankna Practitioner. Splankna is a healing modality using  muscle testing to find stored pain in the body under the covering of the Holy Spirit's leading. Laurie loves the unique way that God has created us spirit, soul and body and is continually looking for connections in each of these areas for help.

 Laurie is also an author and musician providing healing music for different venues. Her writings include the book Shattered, and Then. (available at Amazon) Her latest CD, Restore Me, is a compilation of original psalms for healing. Both her book and CD are written out of her personal healing journey. She loves to tell her story interwoven with humor.

Though she is not licensed or degreed, the Lord has given her favor through the leading of the Holy Spirit and her continued learning and studying of trauma and it's affects on the soul and body. She is connected to a network of therapists in the KC region.

Laurie has traveled throughout the U.S. and around the world training healing teams, speaking in local churches and ministry organizations. Her work with churches and ministries includes guiding church leadership teams in spiritual discernment, facilitating healing in seasons of conflict, and assisting church leaders and their spouses with healing. She has a specific passion for walking with church leadership as they work to restore leaders who have experienced moral failure, since she herself walked through this with her late husband.

Laurie is also on the board of Oasis Communities International (, a ministry in Sri Lanka, founded by Woody and Melanie Blok. The ministry  is comprised of a bible school, youth ministry and orphanage. She has ministered there in the bible school and church two different times.

She has had the privilege of visiting many nations through the years while depositing truths on worship and healing and finding wholeness in Christ.This includes teaching for two YWAM bases in Kona, HI and Taurangua, NZ.

Laurie was married for 21 years to the late David Morris, a worship leader, author and teacher. She was widowed from 2002-2016. They pastored together throughout their marriage and walked through healing from his infidelity, sexual abuse, SSA, severe dissociation, and a battle with cancer that took his life in 2002..

Laurie is living now in Kansas City, and married to Tim Goddu. (see family)

Laurie also served as the volunteer Pastoral Director of The Single Mom KC, a non-profit serving single moms in Kansas City and abroad in the Dominican Republic that is devoted to supporting single mom's in their journey by incorporating mentoring and equipping in practical areas. Her job involved facilitating trainings for the leadership and volunteers of the ministry in the area of wholeness and identity, as well as training table hosts for events and seminars.

Though she resigned this position in January of 2017 she still meets with many of the single mom’s for prayer and healing sessions to equip them on their journey towards freedom and restoration, and teaches several times a year for their events.

Her office location is: 12825 Sycamore Ave. Grandview, MO 64030.