His Mosaic Ministries LLC provides spiritual support
for your life on your journey to wholeness. 

Intensive Connect

The Intensive Connect Sessions go longer, broader and deeper than a Short Connect Session. This allows time to uncover root issues that one is often unaware of. Laurie uses a combination of Splankna and a loosely structured format, submitted to the Holy Spirit. She normally prays through spiritual DNA patterns from your family history, and the emotional pain and lies that often rooted in childhood.  If you are desiring an Intensive without Splankna, please discuss this with her.

Laurie may also minister in music with the piano or singing. Her format is flexible and follows the Holy Spirit's lead while working closely with the individual's needs.  One of Laurie's strengths is moving with words of knowledge and discernment in a safe way to help individuals recognize the strategies the enemy has used to keep them stuck.

Before any time of ministry, an Intensive Connect Session begins with a longer interview time to talk about the area(s) you are seeking freedom and restoration. Her questions will not only help her know where there's something to address, but it will also make you feel comfortable and heard. Intensive Connect Sessions may be done in person or via Skype.

Individual Intensive Connect Sessions - $600
This process averages 7-8 hours total set up in two -three sessions and the cost for the connect includes Laurie’s preparation time.  She prefers all the sessions in a week, but this can be spread out over two.

Couples Intensive Connect Sessions - $1200 (Normal pricing of $1530.  This cost of $1200 is at a 21% discount off Laurie's normal hourly pricing.) 

If you are looking to take a big step forward in your healing and your intimacy with your spouse, this is for you. Each person will go through their own separate Intensive Connect of 7-8 hours per person set up in two-3 sessions. Within in  two weeks, the couple will then attend a two hour joint session this is included in the price. This session includes practical communication tips, a walk through couples repentance, intimate communication with each other and practical tools for applying what was received from the Lord individually and together.  

If any men (or their wives) are uncomfortable with meeting with Laurie on their own, another person can be present, or the wife is able to be in the building in another room.  If this is a preference, please mention this to Laurie during your booking.

Questionnaire and Scheduling
For your Intensive Connect Sessions you will need to fill out the Intensive Connect Questionnaire by clicking here and email it to Laurie at lauriegoddu@gmail.com one week before your session. You will need to call or email Laurie to schedule the Intensive.

Any kind of long term patterns might need follow up sessions after the Intensive Connect Sessions. Follow up sessions are at an hourly rate of $85/hr. Laurie encourages people to walk out the new perspectives gained during the Intensive Connect for the next 2-4 months before doing any other sessions.

Payment for Intensive Connect Sessions
Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 for the Individual Intensive Connect and $350.00 for the Couples Intensive Connect is due 2 weeks before the first scheduled session. Click here to make your deposit. The remaining balance is due at the time of your first connect session and can be paid in cash (exact amount only), check and credit/debit card. 

Cancellation Policy and Fee:  If you cancel your appointment before one week of your scheduled intensive, your non-refundable deposit will be applied to a future appointment.  

Occasionally there will be someone sitting in on sessions to pray since Laurie is training others and believes in added prayer support to help your healing journey. This is a select group of mature intercessors familiar with healing and they will adhere to the strictest of confidentiality.

Laurie has helped countless numbers of people individually connect with the Lord and receive healing and breakthrough.  Click here to read a few testimonials from some of her clients that wanted to share their experience.

Laurie is not licensed or degreed or a medical professional.