"Seasons of Change"- written October 16, 2014


The cooler weather and the falling of the beautiful leaves is upon us…another season…more changes.  Switching out closets, changing the clocks back, preparing for holidays, etc.

Having been a single mom for 12 plus years, and having raised 4 kids to adulthood during that time I have seen a lot of seasons. I believe God intended them to be a place of hope, yet we can often feel overwhelmed with the required shifting and changes.

Some of you are in a season of:

  • adjusting to being newly single.
  • of being weary of being single.
  • seeing break through’s in amazing ways    
  • of just barely holding on to your faith that He will provide.
  • of having no grace for the kids

And there are many more scenarios….

Wherever you are today, I want to encourage you to STOP and look back and note the Lord’s provision, and mercy and recount the ways He has met you in whatever you have been doing. Give thanks OUT LOUD and REMEMBER His faithfulness. RECOUNT it…. It’s like pouring water into the garden of your heart.

”Light is sown like seed for the righteous and joy and gladness for the upright in heart” Psalm 97:11

I learned this, years ago, when I was severely depressed after a very traumatic betrayal of infidelity from my husband, and the ensuing required public confession in our church. There were days I could hardly function and everything seemed so dark and overwhelming. I was told by a counselor to make a list of 3 things a day that I would accomplish. Then I had to be thankful for them, even if my list of 15 more things wasn’t touched. I have done this ever since and it really helps keep your heart from being overwhelmed!

Added to this I had to find something to affirm or be thankful for in my situation besides this. Some days it was as minimal as:

  • thanks for that hug 
  • affirming the kindness of one of my family members
  • Being grateful for someone helping with chores

I’m leaving you with the words of a song the Lord gave me in 2005:

In this season of change I choose trust Lord

When my way is disrupted and questions remain

Cause my heart and mind to align to the plans You’ve ordained.

In this season of change I choose trust Lord

Fear is laid at Your feet

Your Word says You'll lead me in right paths

My call from You remains 

To worship You and honor You

In all I say and do

Whether Or not I feel you

Just be - and worship You

To worship You and honor You

In all I say and do

No Matter what I see Lord

Just be – and worship You

Guide me through this season of doubt when life’s a mystery

Until I’m past the darkness and my clouded eyes can see

That though invisible Your tangible and oh so very real

Leading me, guiding me, with Your eye on me

Take a moment – whether in the shower, or driving, etc and give thanks to the Father for His provision and care for you!

RECOUNT HIS GOODNESS and AFFIRM someone in your world.

This post was first seen at www.TheSingleMOMKC.org where Laurie serves as the Pastoral Director. You can read more about Laurie's work with The Single MOM KC by clicking here.