"In Troubled Times Where Should Our Trust Be"

More and more in this journey with the Father, I am saddened by and feel the weight of the darkness I see encroaching on the world. There has been an acceleration of deception and a disappearance of moral boundaries that is significant in the past two years. I’m not surprised by it - just a bit horrified! He warned us in His Word that many would fall away and their love for Him grow cold. Yet - it’s disheartening to actually see this happening with people I have met and some who I’ve been in relationship with.

I recently had a conversation with my youngest daughter that made me so aware of the pressing darkness. It was around two subjects: having to be aware of the evil that is out there waiting to steal through sexual situations, and that we must be praying and alert to his schemes. The other issue is: would we stand in our faith, or give in if tortured or threatened with death. Obviously none of us knows 100% what’s inside our hearts or what the Lord can provide when we come under assault as a believer, but we must evaluate our foundation! We must examine the fruit of our faith.

What does it lie in?
What is it built on?
Do we know Who He is and

Who He says He is?
We can’t know Him fully if we don’t know HIS WORD!

A lot of us would say that we know He loves us and we love Him….but what fruit is coming from our hearts when there are unanswered prayers or trials?

Last year when I was going through a very challenging season of sickness and injury, and my faith was shaky with anxiety and fear were coming up, the Lord kept whispering to me…

"Will you worship Me for WHO I AM and not what I DO?"

This was not the first time He had asked me this, nor was it the first time that I’d been challenged to walk here. When my late husband died very quickly of lung cancer, I was asked this question by the Lord. I had heard the Lord say David would be healed, here on earth - But he wasn’t! I had to decide if I believed that God was still God and if He was still good and still worthy when this prayer wasn’t answered.

Each and every time there has been loss in my life I have had to look at...

WHO God says He is and ask: IS HE Who He says HE IS! We can’t settle this question  unless we know His LIVING WORD!

His character and nature are written in His Word. All we need to live a godly life is in there! It’s relevant! It’s current and alive! It’s not just a rule or guide book. The Holy Spirit breathes on the written pages and speaks to us and reveals Himself to us.

Our mind is guarded by the Word of God, and it causes us to think differently. When the Word of God is allowed to work in our minds, it safeguards our emotions, it defends our minds from demonic assault, and it shields us from arrows the enemy shoots in our direction in order to arouse a spirit of fear inside you. It enables us to stand firm in faith when things all around us are shaking. If we don’t know what He says about who we are in Him, or who He is when we are in trouble, we will falter in our faith. It’s the parable of the house built on sand. I encourage you: make time to read His Word and digest it until you know what it declares about Him and about you in Him.

This post was first seen at www.TheSingleMOMKC.org where Laurie served as the Pastoral Director for several years. You can read more about Laurie's work with The Single MOM KC by clicking here.