"Our Soul is Vulnerable - A Set Up for Trouble Part 2"

Last week I shared about how vulnerable my soul was because of my longing or a husband and how God revealed this weakness to me.  I knew I was acting foolish, I was weak and cried out to the Lord for help, a friend called the next morning to share a dream she had had about me. 

She said: I had a dream that you were secretly talking to a man. As the dream progressed, you started messing around with him sexually. When confronted by me, your attitude was full of independence and stubbornness.

I was completely shocked and used some choice words as I expressed my astonishment! I was completely blown away that God would do something so direct to warn me of the danger of the path I was turning down. I immediately responded to my friend and told her she’d heard from God. I confessed that I’d been talking to this guy for a few days. In that moment, the draw to this guy began to lose its grip.

God directly warned me of the danger of the path I was going down
My role was to confess and ask for help

The Lord, in His wisdom, designed us to need each other.  We were made to need one another to cry with, to get perspective from, to confess to, and lovingly confront. If I hadn’t deliberately set accountability in my life, I don’t believe I would have made the right choice as soon as I did.

I almost partnered with settling for an Ishmael (2nd best) instead of the Isaac God’s promised me (Read Genesis 10-24 for more understanding) . I want to encourage you in your waiting for whatever it is you are believing for….don’t settle for something other than God’s best! Not in regards to your dreams, not in your relationships, and most certainly not in a man.

Don’t Settle for less in regards to your DREAMS, RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY
and especially not a MAN

As I began praying around how close I’d come to making a choice that wasn’t wise, I began to see that some wounds from my teen years, and thought processes that were still very active in me. That was actually what the draw towards this guy had been about. He felt familiar because of some things I believed about myself in my junior high years. All of us are affected by past pain and negative experiences. We can begin believing things about ourselves that are not what the Father says about us. We are especially vulnerable to these distortions of truth when we are tired, overwhelmed, or worn down by waiting to see the fruition of something we have asked for or dreamed of.

I was tired of waiting, and my guard was down. I was vulnerable because my little girl heart SO wanted male attention and affirmation! If I hadn’t already had close relationships and accountability in place, I might have walked down this path and been hurt – at the very least – emotionally. I also would have given up a lot of the joy of ministering to others because this guy wouldn’t have understood that my life is not my own. If you do not have anyone around you that you feel safe confiding in – ask the Lord to help find you some folks!

His intention is that we WALK TOGETHER, WAR TOGETHER, and PRAY TOGETHER.

Is there anything that the Lord has been trying to bring light into in your life?

  1. Expose quickly what the enemy has been whispering to you.
  2. Confess to another person!
  3. Refocus on what the Father has promised you and find someone to fight with you for it!

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