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 "I was originally a bit skeptical and really didn't know what to expect when I first came to visit Laurie. I have found her to be very warm, inviting and non-judgmental in her discussions with me and in her vision and approach on life. I have found that I actually enjoyed my sessions with her much more than I thought I would, and have been going on a regular basis now for over 7 months. I have noticed significant changes in my personal life, my marriage, and in my relationships in general. My overall view of my surroundings day to day and my vision of the world and my path through life are much more clear now than ever before. I really have enjoyed these sessions and would encourage anyone to schedule a visit because I believe that they would benefit from it, I have recommended Laurie to several of my friends and my wife, who have all found the sessions to be helpful as well. I guess I had better stop writing because I can just go on and on. I hope that if you do go that your life is enriched and your find more peace and joy in your current situation than ever before, because I have!" ~Jeremy S. 

I have been through a lot of counseling in my life, secular therapy first with my mom, then Christian counseling after I became born again. The lord has given Laurie a gift in the area of healing and hearing the voice of God to produce major, and I mean major healing from years of abuse, deception, and of course our own sins. After only 4 sessions with Laurie, her ability to help expose the lies and darkness in our lives and overcome them with the Truth of WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST has changed me forever. Since these sessions I now have my own ministry where I am hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit like never before, He is giving me prophetic utterances... meaning I am walking with a prophetic gifting now, dreams and visions, and most importantly…PEACE! I highly recommend this therapy the Lord has given to Laurie to anyone who is looking to draw closer to God and fulfill their their destiny in the Earth.  ~Danny 40's~Short Connect and Processing

"I met with Laurie about a specific family problem.  She prayed with me and asked me questions that helped me understand the reason I had feelings of inadequacy and rejection.  She helped me find the right words to express myself and to release my loved ones to the Lord.  I was able to forgive and put into God's perspective things I had previously been hurt by.  I felt free to love and be myself with my loved ones after meeting with Laurie.  Her reflective way of communicating was very helpful to me.  I can recommend her ministry whole heartedly." ~Woman in her 60's~Processing

I have done many years of  inner healing work in various settings because of extensive and severe childhood trauma. But the Splankna work I've been doing recently with Laurie has had the most dramatic positive effect of anything I've done so far. ~Woman in her 60's~Splankna

"I have loved my Splankna sessions with Laurie. It has been a gentle yet quick way of getting to the root of issues. In a short amount of time, I have already benefited tremendously from my time with Laurie. I highly recommend doing this!"
  ~Woman in her 30's~Splankna

"There are often many times in our lives that we can pinpoint when we have been impacted deeply.  Then there are those few times, maybe five or six in our lifetime, where we have experiences that though they are more rare, they have such a deep and lasting impact that a person is transformed at a foundational level.  I would say that my ministry time was one of those rare, transformational moments in life, in terms of inner healing of wounds in my soul.  The Lord exhibited His gifting in Laurie in order for her to use her learned skills & wisdom, coupled with her anointing from heaven, to bring about life-changing healing to my inner man.  Laurie's prophetic gifting, ministry, life experience and firm compassion was used by the Lord to bring about a tremendously deep healing and transformation that will certainly last a lifetime.  Added to this are the detailed notes she took regarding the issues addressed and the Lord's clear healing during the sessions that provide great encouragement as I read them even now, as well as ways to continue to process with the Lord about the issues that surfaced."
       ~Tim - Intensive Connect Session

“I met with Laurie after struggling and feeling like I was just "stuck" at a place in my life. I had received  other ministry before this, but felt something was keeping me from moving forward and I just could not put my finger on it. When I met with Laurie to do a Splankna session I was a bit hesitant and perhaps even doubtful but hopeful that change would happen. As it turns out, Holy Spirit totally showed up in this meeting. When I left it felt as if the burden that I walked in there with was gone. I would highly recommend that if you're at a place in your life and you feel stuck, make an appointment with Laurie. She understands our nervousness and she knows what she's would be a good move!”
          ~Sherry~ Splankna

“Fear, sadness, loss, hate, self-loathing. These are just a few things I felt after being raped. I didn't want to associate with people, didn't trust people, and sure didn't want to love them the way I know Jesus wanted me too. I just wanted to quit on life, I wasn't suicidal, but it's not much of a life if you don't want anything to do with those around you. Then I met with Laurie. Laurie is so compassionate, so real, and so helpful. I think all I did was cry, telling my story on my first visit.  She helped me navigate how people usually feel after something like this happens and affirmed my feelings. She didn't tell me to snap out of it or how I should feel. The next few visits we did Splankna and some connect work and each time I got a little better. She empathetically listened, praised, and prayed with me and felt the gut wrenching sorrow with me.   She smiled and encouraged me as I began to share goals for my future, dreams God put inside me, and a desire to heal and move on.  She introduced me to ways of healing I had never heard of.  It has helped so much. I know there are so many counselors to talk to and I am sure they are good, but they are not Laurie Morris  good. God created her to do this. This is the gift He put in her. She can get to the heart of a matter, point you to Jesus in the hurt, and help you heal better than any other counselor I have ever seen.”  
       ~Woman in her 40's~Short connect and Splankna

"I had ministry times with Laurie over Skype, long distance. It is one of the most impacting things that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve come through depression, self harm, sexual abuse - and my sessions have truly healed a lot of those places. Laurie helped connect me with the Father and for the first time in a long time I heard him speak so clearly to me. He spoke life where there was death, he spoke beauty where there was shame. The Intensive equipped me with ways to fight the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s word. Doing a connect session with Laurie isn’t just a quick fix, it’s the beginning of a process of healing and deliverance that I daily have to walk out. And I’m so glad I did it. Laurie is one of the most caring, compassionate and giving people I know and her heart is for the broken. I’d recommend doing some kind of ministry with her in a heartbeat!"
    ~Amanda ~  Intensive Connect

I came to Laurie for individual Spankna sessions periodically over several years. In the beginning, I was stuck and angry with God after a lot of trauma that other therapies I had tried were not helping. Laurie was so down-to-earth and accepting that I found it easy to talk to her about difficult events in my past, even ones I felt a lot of shame over.   In the three years since I started sessions with Laurie, I have gone from single to married, from stuck in dead-end jobs (out of fear) to working in a great career, and from questioning my relationship with God to being approved by my denomination for ordination. And that’s just the fruit on the surface; underneath, there has been an emotional transformation and freedom that’s not possible to describe in a paragraph. Jesus has truly set me free from the chains of so many habits and memories. Glory to God!” ~Amanda - in her 20's~Splankna

"My wife and I have been working with Laurie for at least a year.  This past July/August was a scary but incredibly fruitful time as Laurie helped walk us through pain, lies, truths and our hearts for one another.  She helped mediate our times together and the fruit was breakthroughand deeper love/commitment for one another.  She was honest, safe and tough. We needed that. Thank you Laurie!"         ~Chris ~ Marriage coaching, Processing and Splankna

"We had the privilege of having Laurie Morris speak for one week at our Discipleship Training School here in New Zealand. What impressed us so much was not just the fact that her presentation was thorough, professional and compassionate but that she displayed a genuine interest and concern for our students. She poured her heart into our young people both in and outside the classroom giving up her free time to process and counsel our students through their journey. Both staff and students benefited greatly from her visit and Laurie will continue to be a greatly sought after speaker for our schools."
       ~David Cowie, Marine Reach Ministries w/YWAM NZ

Laurie spoke at a Women's Retreat  for our church in Aug., 2014. Our theme was "A Priceless Inheritance."  Laurie brought a depth of knowledge and experience as she taught Gods word. Her ability to embrace our women as she taught on God's incredible love for them, His compassion, His forgiveness, was powerful! Our women gained a greater revelation of their personal worth to the Lord. They left this weekend with a deeper sense of 'who they are' in Christ Jesus, as well as, an assurance that they are dearly loved.”
       ~Donnette Siems, The River Church Raytown, MO

 “I want to highly recommend and commend the ministry teaching of Laurie M. Goddu to you.  Her depth of knowledge, insight and firsthand experience allow her to teach with authority and impart wisdom to those she instructs. Laurie equips you to work with the Holy Spirit, to help people get to the root of their issues, so the source of the fruit of their bad behavior is cut off. I believe this ministry is vital to anyone who is serious about discipleship and bringing people to Christ-like maturity.”
         ~Phillip O’Reilly Sr. Pastor of The Rock of KC - Equipping Class

"I first met Laurie when I attended her Dissociation Seminar here in Kansas City . I was very encouraged by Laurie's depth of experience in the area of dissociation and inner healing. Her teaching style is very delightful! She is lighthearted, but also extremely competent in her field. Her seminar is good for lay people as well as professionals and I highly recommend it!"
             ~Dr. J -  Equipping Class

"I’m mostly interested in fruit... fruit that lasts. I’ve trusted Laurie with my deepest struggles and pain and have never felt judged. I’ve seen breakthrough that lasts, intimacy with the Father and the fruit of the Spirit. I’ve overcome much in my times with Laurie as have many other people I’ve recommended see her both in my family and out." ~Rebecca D.

My family and I have been seeing Laurie at His Mosaic Ministries for about a year.  
My husband and I were on the brink of divorce and our teen-age daughter was suicidal, angry and isolated.  Through the sessions, utilizing the Splankna technique, was able to touch deep wounds and trauma from both childhood years and adult years.  I was stunned at the accuracy of this technique, as well as my husband.  As each session progressed, I was able to unpack triggered emotions, old records that played out in every fight, and basically; why was I so unhappy most of the time.  My husband dealt with things he didn’t even know was there; mainly a father wound that was affecting every aspect of his life.
Through the process, Laurie’s mothering heart, reassurance, truthfulness and strength, carried our family through the tough times.  She was available when we needed her most; we were important to her and she cared.  The apex of our healing sessions is when she and her husband Tim, met with my husband and I for a joint session.  It was this meeting that put our marriage on the course of a new direction.  Through the tools they shared, we were able to communicate on a whole new level.  Fights in our marriage used to occur weekly.  Today, we don’t fight; we engage in communication, ask for time outs, and affirm one other daily. 

Laurie was excellent with our daughter and was able to uncover things that were deep inside her.  Laurie knew she needed additional help, so she gave us the referrals we needed and made suggestions about which avenue to take.  Our daughter is experiencing deep healing now and is on the road to recovery.  She even smiles now.  Actually, we all do.
Our family is truly not the same as when we first walked in.  I have never felt so free, so light and so hopeful for the future.  I am forever grateful to Mosaic Ministries Anonymous couple in their 50’s ~ Splankna, couples counseling

"I highly recommend Laurie Goddu. I was stuck in some unresolved grief and had been in a very dry time with the Lord. Laurie's focused warmth and caring, combined with her insight and skill yielded unbelievable fruit form just one Splankna session. I walked out free and connected. Thank you Laurie!" ~Sherris B. ~ Splankna

"I went to see Laurie because I was having repetitive negative thought patterns and felt "stuck". I kept reliving traumatic things that happened to me in a bad relationship. Laurie walked me through the process with ease and found internal and subconscious thoughts that I never would have known about otherwise. She helped lead me to freedom from those deep-seated, hidden thoughts from my childhood. I walked away feeling free and light and am no longer bogged down with negative thoughts and anxiety." ~Amanda P. ~ Splankna

"No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, or dealing with the baggage of the past, Splankna is a perfect tool to help you grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. I have tried and am familiar with a few different methods of inner healing. What I liked most is that Splankna is very unique way of dealing with trauma without reliving the emotional pain. I have experienced more growth and freedom in a few sessions with Laurie than in many years with other methods. I would highly recommend anyone that is stuck in a cycle or simply seeking a tool for growth to give it a try. Laurie has years of experience counseling and she is a down to earth, trustworthy, and Godly woman!" ~Ben S. ~Splankna

My personal Splankna sessions with Laurie were fantastic.  I didn't know what to expect but was immediately put at ease by Laurie's personable demeanor.  The sessions went straight to the root of issues I was dealing with and addressed them in respectful, safe ways. As a practitioner, Laurie can be trusted as a safe confidant.  She never pushes and always allows room for the individual to walk through their healing journey at their own pace. Splanka merges the spiritual, emotional, and physical worlds to bring about a deep level of healing and peace. I highly recommend Splanka to anyone I meet!  Micah Gamboa / Executive Director