His Mosaic Ministries LLC provides spiritual support
for your life on your journey to wholeness. 

Spiritual Life coaching, processing and Joint Sessions

These sessions do not have a set ministry format.  Laurie will listen to your issue, then ask you questions and most likely  have you ask questions of the Lord around your issue(s). Her goal is for the Holy Spirit to be the main coach with her as a conduit for His wisdom.  These sessions can be done in person or via Skype.

JOINT SESSIONS are a required part of working with marriages in conflict. The frequency is unique to the couple. Most couples are asked to do Splankna individually then a joint following those sessions.

Tim Goddu participates in the joint sessions so the cost hourly is different @100$ for an hour.

Laurie is ordained with FMCI and functions under Pastoral Counseling and support using Biblical principles

Payment - $85/hr or joint $100/hr
Deposit:  At the time you book your appointment there is a $50 deposit. Click here to make your deposit. This deposit will be applied toward your session and the remaining balance is due at the time of your session. You may pay the remaining balance by check and credit card. 

If you need to cancel your appointment, the deposit will be applied to your rescheduled appointment.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice is required unless there is an illness or emergency. 

Questionnaire and Scheduling
Laurie may or may not ask you to fill out a questionnaire. If she does email it to  lauriegoddu@gmail.com at least 1 day before your session.

Laurie has helped countless numbers of people individually connect with the Lord and receive healing and breakthrough.  Click here to read a few testimonials from some of her clients that wanted to share their experience.

Laurie is not licensed or degreed nor is she a medical professional.